How Do I Keep Myself From Getting Sick Regularly?

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About three years ago, I suffered from a mild symptom of Pneumonia. Since then for every two to three months I do keep getting the bronchitis. Then I am not affected for about three weeks and then the cycle keeps on continuing for the next two or three months. The thing that I used to regularly take was an antibiotic called as Rulide, which would clear it. My asthma dosages were two puffs of Flixotide in the morning and at the night and Oxis also in the morning and two in the evening. But when I used for the first time, it was really fine for a year, but now again asthma bronchitis keeps on coming back. Then I do get the runny nose. I also get some different type of condition where the windpipe inflames and due to this I get some hoarse voice. I also get a feeling of tightness in the chest. Then I cannot breathe and I have to then depend on Nebuliser along with the Ventolin and Atravent in order to loosen the phlegm because it gets very compacted. Along with this I also have to take Prednisone. I visited the chest doctor during June and then he changed my medicines to Seretide puffer. And now it is the end of September and I again am sick. The last time that I had it was at end of May. And I do not know what more to do? And my house is always free from dust mites. I also have a dust mite protector thing on my mattress and pillow as I am a big clean freak. And I also underwent a test that showed the immune system was a bit down. Did anyone have any situations like this and do you have any suggestions about what can be done to overcome this? Or what medication should I enquire about? I am now using Augmentin Forte antibiotic.

Has anyone had this kind of situations? If you did, then how did you alleviate it?
asked Dec 11, 2010 by anonymous